Statistics Resources

Educational Resources

Daniel Lakens Improving Statistical Inferences Coursera Course

A free course covering topics such as likelihood estimation, p-values (and p-hacking), effect sizes, Bayes Factors, confidence intervals, and the philosophy of science. Highly Recommended!

Open Stats Lab

A website out of Trinity University that uses actual data from published articles to teach statistical concepts like ANOVA, correlation and regression.

Seeing Theory

A really cool website out of Brown University that uses interactive visualizations to teach statistical concepts.

Answering Questions with Data

An open-access, online introductory statistics book (also good for a quick refresher!) Provides great explanations as well as R-code for simulations.

Data Camp

A helpful (paid) website that provides interactive modules for learning data science.

Helpful Statistics Blogs

R Psychologist

Kristoffer Magnusson's blog which discusses statistical topics in psychology and provides fantastic interactive visualizations using R.

Richard Morey Blog

A great resource for those interested in Bayes Factors and open science (among other statistical/philosophy of science topics).

Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

A blog by John Krushke for those interested in all things Bayesian.

The 20% Statistician

A blog by Daniel Lakens for those interested in all things frequentist (along with philosophy of science).


A helpful resource for tips and tricks in using R for data science.